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AGORA Platform is the project that integrate cryptocurrencies into real life and introduce the use of blockchain technology. Throughout its existence, the project has shown its viability and is worthy of detailed study.

AGORA Platform Coin on exchange

APSC is traded for Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Goal of AGORA Platform

The main idea of AGORA Platforms is to introduce cryptocurrencies into the trading process and create a secure technological area.

Introduction of escrow, based on the logic and principles of trade, and helping to settle disputes between the parties, to reach consensus. In everyday life, such situations are commonplace. Escrow is offered by banks. Ask how much it will cost you in the near. We have decided to integrate the Smarty smart contract into the AGORA application, which serves as an escrow. Next, more. Smarty-2 is a smart contract with artificial intelligence. This is the future of the Platform.

AGORA Platform dApp

The final version of the Platform is an application based on the decentralized public blockchain APSC with a sidechain stable coin AGORA$. With the help of the application and integrated structures, it is possible to perform secure transactions and protected trade transactions with the help of a computer mouse click.  The application consists of the following sections: Wallets, Marketplace, Exchange, Technical Support. Various cryptocurrencies are collected in the Wallets section. You will be able to transfer and receive supported coins. On the Marketplace you will be able to sell or buy goods, offer or use services. In the Exchange section you will be able to exchange various coins quickly and with minimum commissions.

Roadmap of AGORA Platform

Our team aims to develop its own marketplace that uses the ecosystem of AGORA Platforms. We will not only finance and develop the project, but also gain fame and trust through the proliferation of APSCs on stock exchanges. The development plan looks like this: > Launching blockchain of APSC >  Listing of APSC on stock exchanges > Launch of the test version of AGORA Platform application. Legal part: a) Development of smart contract trading and logic rules in accordance with Swiss HGB; b) Registration of the legal organization responsible for development, design and law support. Launch of the AGORA Platform. Further development, improvement and distribution of the Platform.

APSC - PoS coin of AGORA Platform

The Platform's network architecture is based on the APSC blockchain. The APSC has a Proof-of-Stake consensus, a Scrypt algorithm and a limited edition of 200,000,000 coins. To make transactions on the marketplace, you will need to freeze 100 APSCs, which will return to you immediately after the end of the deal.

APSC Blockexplorer  APSC wallet

Smarty - smartcontract for escrow

By default, all trades on the Marketplace and all transactions on other platforms will be processed through the AGORA Platform plugin through the Smarty smart contract. The Smarty logic performs an escrow function. Until a consensus is reached between the parties, the transaction will be considered incomplete. Disputing parties will have to contact each other quickly and efficiently, and Smarty will lead them to a resolution of the dispute through its functionality and logic. Initially, we provided for five rounds to resolve the issue.

AGORA$ - stability for trade.

Sidechain AGORA$ solves the problem of cryptocurrency volatility. The coin will be chequered when funds are received through a 1:1 bank gateway or when the coin is exchanged internally for other cryptocurrencies, which guarantees asset security and stability in relation to traditional funds. When using the gateway, transactions will be conducted through the bank accounts of AGORA Platform AG.

AGORA Platform

Welcome to AGORA Platform!

We see our task in making Crypto suitable for everyday use, user-friendly and secure. We took the philosophy of Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper as a reason and taught them our small parts. 
Blockchain of APSC runs perfectly and so the most important part of Roadmap is done. You can reach Explorer here. APSC has total emission of 200,000,000 coins. Algorhythm is Scrypt. We have chosen PoS as consensus. At the moment you get Stakereward from 36 APSC. And we are developing Platform further. Everything according to plan, quiet and solid.

Plan B is brutal but effective

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APSC is again listed at coingecko.

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APSC stock market report.

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Smart contract example

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AGORA Platform

is decentralized blockchain. AGORA ecosystem, based on PoS and stable coins, consists of marketplace (developed on B2B rules), multi-currency purse, currency exchange and opportunities for atomic swaps. AGORA Platform AG will registered in Switzerland, and remains responsible for the escrow function outside of smartcontracts logic. In addition, the AG will promote the development of Platform.

AGORA Platform Discord server

Discord server is the central point of our community. You can find whitepapers and roadmaps here, talk to developers, communicate with other people, participate in the HODL'ers Airdrop... We kindly invite you to join us.

discord server


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